Flux IaC — Tofu Controller, March 2024 Update

Chanwit Kaewkasi
2 min readFeb 29, 2024


Hi all,

Terraform Controller was launched as my personal project two years ago before it became an open-source project under Weaveworks. Despite its early stage, it gained significant traction among users. However, the project experienced a bit of inactivity in the past few months due to Weaveworks shutting down.

Fresh Start

Today marks a new beginning for the project, now housed at Flux-IaC, a community-driven organization focused on developing Infrastructure as Code (IaC) controllers for Flux. We aim to later introduce new controllers, such as an Ansible Controller, using our experiences from making the TF-Controller. A special thanks to Alexis Richardson, CEO of Weaveworks, for facilitating the project’s transition to this new org.

The Terraform Controller has been rebranded to Tofu Controller. I am personally comfortable with this name, as we’ve affectionately called the controller ‘Tofu’ from its inception, well before the OpenTofu project came into existence. I’m delighted by this shared naming sense.

1K Stars and Counting

It’s remarkable to see the community’s continued support, with the project recently hitting 1,000 stars and many developers stepping forward to contribute.

So what is our immediate goal?

Our immediate goal is straightforward: to release the new version promptly, enabling continued use of the controller. With the existing code base, we’re set to support Terraform MPL binary up to v1.5.7 and Terraform BSL binary up to 1.7.x. I’d like to personally thank Aksel Skaar Leirvaag, Dan Murphy, Jan Nabbefeld, Kasper Gadegaard Le Fevre, Tonni Follmann, Victor Bajada, and Victoria Nadasdi for their efforts in revitalizing the project.

Following the initial release, our focus will shift towards supporting the OpenTofu binary and adding a significant new feature for handling Terraform resource deletion — a special shoutout to Victoria for continuing to push this PR from the Weaveworks days.

Looking Forwards to Your Contributions

That’s all for now. Flux-IaC is set to host community projects that will introduce innovative IaC controllers to Flux, one of the best GitOps tools. We’re eager for support to make this project leading IaC controllers for the GitOps and DevOps communities.

Join us at https://github.com/flux-iac/tofu-controller

And please stay tuned for updates!



Chanwit Kaewkasi

Creator Weave TF-controller, Kubernetes & GitOps for Terraform, SNR SE @weaveworks, Go nut since r57 (pre v1)